3-Hour SUP Boarding Experience in Longdong

Product Number: SUPFWADTLD001
3 Hours
☀️☀️☀️ Activity Rating: Easy ☀️☀️☀️

Join an amazing 3-hour SUP boarding experience in Longdong Bay, the largest bay on the northeastern coast!

Known as the most beautiful spot in northeastern Taiwan, Longdong features a rugged sandstone headland combined with clear seawater and rich underwater ecology.

Led by an experienced coach and team, FWA provides high-quality SUP boarding experiences across Taiwan. With an emphasis on safety and enjoyment, this 3-hour SUP boarding experience takes guests from the inner bay, out beyond the spectacular coastlines of Longdong. The contrast between the imposing sandstone cliffs, crystal clear waters, and the windswept, yet lush green of the surrounding mountains makes Dragon Cave in Longdong one of the best SUP boarding destinations in Taiwan.

This tour begins with on-land equipment education and safety instruction before getting into the water. The instructors take everyone into the main bay and teach basic SUP movements and techniques to ensure each guest can truly experience the adventurous fun of stand-up paddling. As long as the sea conditions and physical strength of each guest permit, the group will travel through the beautiful sea rocks and pass through natural rock climbing areas of Longdong's famous coast. During the activity, their professional coaches will help take beautiful photos, and provide insight into the ecological and geological significance of the area. 

After arriving at a designated point on the sea, the instructor will fix the stand-up paddle and let everyone snorkel around together and even try diving to experience the sea areas that ordinary snorkeling tourists cannot explore.

Quick Details:

  • Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
  • Suitable Months: May - September
  • Event Times: 15:00 / 3:00 pm
  • Meeting Time: 15 minutes prior to tour time
  • Activity Duration: 3 hours
  • Suitable For: Groups, solo travelers, friends, parents and children, and any water sports enthusiasts
    • Note: Children under 6 years need to register for two people per board and be accompanied by parents
    • The weight of two people must be less than 140 kilograms.
  • Reservations/Booking: Spaces available up to 1 day before the event date
  • Quantity of Guests: A minimum of 2 guests are required to run this tour. A maximum of 20 guests will be allowed to participate in each tour.

Expert Information
Traffic Arrangement

Transportation instructions:

Meeting point: Baodao Wild Child Longdong SUP Stand-up Paddling Center (diagonally opposite the Longdong Street entrance, Longdong Street 88.5k)

How to get there by car:

  • National Highway No. 1 -> Exit at Badu Interchange -> Provincial Highway No. 62 -> Provincial Highway No. 2
  • Google Map Link
  • Limited free parking is available at the Baodao Wild Child SUP Paddling Center

How to get there by Public transportation:

Take the train to Taipei / Keelung / Ruifang / Fulong, then take the bus to Longdong:

  1. Take bus 1811/1812 from Taipei Main Station, get off at Longdong Station, and walk for 1 minute
  2. Keelung Bus 791, get off at Longdong Station and walk for 1 minute
  3. Keelung Bus 886, get off at Longdong Park and walk for 8 minutes
  4. Keelung Bus 887, get off at Hemei Station and walk for 5 minutes
  5. Take Taiwan Golden Fulong Line 856, get off at Longdong Ocean Park Station, and walk for 8 minutes

Book Private Transportation to Longdong:

When booking this activity, add the option of booking a private vehicle to drop off, wait for you and your travel party (if applicable), and drive you back to your preferred destination.

Cost Description
Price Includes

✅ SUP & Environment technical & safety instruction 
✅ Bilingual instructors & services
✅ 3-hour guided SUP boarding experience
✅ SUP Board
✅ Fitted and certified life jacket
✅ SUP Fitted Paddle
✅ SUP Leash
✅ SUP tour Photography (files shared post-activity)
✅ Snorkeling equipment (Guests can prepare their own snorkeling equipment or rent it at their own expense; a set of snorkeling equipment is NT$50, please pay on site.)
✅ Travel agency liability insurance
✅ Activity Insurance (NT$3 million Public Accident Liability Insurance is purchased for each participant for claims that include accidents during stand-up paddle boarding/snorkeling.)
✅ Post-Activity Showers
✅ An experience of a lifetime SUP boarding in one of Taiwan's most iconic bays!


Price Excludes

❌ Meals or any additional snacks, food, or drinks 
❌ Additional activities not listed in the above tour description 
❌ Additional Personal travel insurance


⚠️ Those who cancel or are absent on the event day will not be allowed to change the event time, and no refund will be given. 

🌬️ Adverse Weather: The coach will confirm the weather conditions three days in advance. If the weather is expected to severely affect the activity, guests will be provided a full refund.

🍉 Food and Nutrition: Please consume breakfast/lunch before the activity starts. It is not recommended to SUP on an empty stomach.

💧 Hydration: Please prepare a bottle of water, about 550 ml or more, for use during practice. Plastic bottles or plastic environmentally friendly containers can be used. It is not suitable to carry metal insulated containers as there is a risk of sinking into the water.

👕 Clothing: Swimsuits should be paired with rash protective shirts and pants. Girls can wear bikinis, but please wear sun protection. If you are worried about sunburn or are afraid of the cold, long-sleeved "anti-rash clothing" and "anti-rash trousers" are also suitable. You can wear general water-proof footwear while participating in the activity. If you wear flip-flops/slippers, please be careful while entering the water and while walking on the shoreline. After the activity starts, shoes can be placed on the shore or attached to a SUP board.

☀️ Sun protection: It is recommended to wear a sun hat and sunglasses (to prevent them from falling, it is best to have a tether for the sunglasses).

📸 Camera and Pictures: Guests are permitted to bring a mobile phone or camera on the SUP board. The coach will help take photos. If you must bring your mobile phone, it must have a waterproof protective case. It is recommended that guests first test the waterproof performance of the protective case at home, and it is best to have it placed in a floating bag. In addition, you can try hanging it around your neck at home to see if the length is suitable and whether it will become a burden. If you are carrying a camera, it is recommended that a rugged camera be the best choice. 

🤢 Seasickness: Friends who get seasick are advised to take seasickness medicine to avoid seasickness or avoid these activities altogether.